Pastor Chris Clemons  (Pendleton/Pilot Rock) is our District NMI President.


Chris is married to Carolyn. Together they have the care of their adorable granddaughter, Sophia. 


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Weekly Prayer: 

Heavenly Father, You are our complete source of peace and hope. We thank You, for your constant care and love. We thank You, Jesus, for Your presence in our lives. Help us to never lose sight of it. No matter what obstacles stand in our way, You, Lord are in control and Your will prevails. Wipe away our doubts and remind us to look at You and not the obstacles. The Old Testament is packed with examples of what seemed insurmountable obstacles, those who trusted You, no matter what, always prevailed. Those who did not were hit with despair. Help us to remember that the same is true for us today. Our faith and trust in You will turn the hearts of the lost to You. When we step out on our own to fix things, it will not rescue them.  We claim victory in Jesus today! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. 

Mission Education in the local church

Nazarenes everywhere are sharing the missions stories of the church. Telling the story instills passion for missions. When Christ's followers know what is at stake and hear how others are obeying God's call to missions, they are challenged to participate as well.


NMI is committed to helping local churches tell the missions story. We provide resources and support for the local church as it informs and educates its members, not only in what other Nazarenes are doing in missions, but how they can get involved, too.


Explore the downloads, links, and resources on this site. Or send us an e-mail with ideas for resources you would like to see developed—we get many of our best ideas from people like you. Let us know about them.


And keep telling the story.

For more information, visit these links: 


Mission's Books

Children's Curriculum
Children's Mission's Books

Northwest District Partnership with Mexico!

View this video about Good News happening in Mexico during this pandemic. 

What a year this has been! Cancelled trips, change of plans, unexpected ministry challenges. God, however, was not caught off-guard nor is He overwhelmed. The work we began with the church in the Oaxaca district continues as they adapt to the opportunities and needs before them.


Our March W&W trip was cancelled, but money had already been sent and work started on a vital district ministry and training center. Initially the plan was to construct a roof on the larger part of the facility. However, it was decided to complete the smaller building first so ministry could start and someone could move on-site to provide security for the building materials and tools. The doors are being fabricated and soon the plumbing and internal finish work should begin. Once they receive an electrical transformer, a water tank will be installed and the work on the larger roof can begin. There are 7000 members on the district. A challenge was sent out to churches that each member contributes 100 pesos ($5.00) for the construction of the roof. A poor mission church of 25 people has already sent in their entire contribution!

Construction goes in spurts. Due to the virus – which is peaking right now – acquiring materials and workers is sometimes spotty. The church is not waiting around for a new building though. One pastor in Juchitan has started a compassionate ministries fund in his church and they are using the money to put together baskets of food for the needy and medicine for the ill. Other churches are reaching out to their communities in similar ways.

In the midst of this response to the virus, the Oaxaca district has experienced another major earthquake. The buildings survived much better this time, but it did awaken the anxiety suffered from the deadly earthquakes 3 ½ years ago. Keep the church in your prayers as they continue to faithfully work for Christ in spite of the challenges.

Currently, we have no more trips scheduled and do not expect travel to begin again until next year. We will keep you posted.

Chris Clemons

NW District NMI President

Churches have been sharing food baskets and supplies with their communities. To give one example, Pastor Paco and the 4th COTN of Juchitán gave out 110 pounds of chicken to 50 different families.

Work continues on the district center when possible.

The district is also continuing with a new church mission in Ixtaltepec that was started right before the coronavirus. They have given food to some of the families in the community (1st picture) and have just rented a house for the new mission to meet in (2nd picture).

Video Library

Northwest District offers several training events throughout the year for pastors and laity. 


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