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Pastor Chris Clemons  (Pendleton/Pilot Rock) is our District NMI President, elected at Festival of Mission 2019. Chris is married to Carolyn. Together they have the care of their adorable granddaughter, Sophia. Contact Chris at 

Holy God, how precious is our time in prayer with You. In the craziness of our schedules nothing brings more peace to our hearts than sitting at Your feet. What a joyous time of year Christmas season is. What wonderful opportunities we have to show You at work in our lives as we are out and about among those who are frustrated with it all. But also, Lord, are hearts hurt for those who suffer from depression and loneliness this time of year. Those who have unpleasant memories of Christmas. Help us Lord, to minister those who are hurting. Open our eyes to their pain and give us great compassion. May You be blessed, Father, by Your servants this week. In Jesus' holy name we pray. Amen.

Mission Education in the local church

Nazarenes everywhere are sharing the missions stories of the church. Telling the story instills passion for missions. When Christ's followers know what is at stake and hear how others are obeying God's call to missions, they are challenged to participate as well.


NMI is committed to helping local churches tell the missions story. We provide resources and support for the local church as it informs and educates its members, not only in what other Nazarenes are doing in missions, but how they can get involved, too.


Explore the downloads, links, and resources on this site. Or send us an e-mail with ideas for resources you would like to see developed—we get many of our best ideas from people like you. Let us know about them.


And keep telling the story.

Mission's Books

Northwest District Partnership with Mexico!

New Work and Witness Opportunity! 

Since the earthquakes in 2017 in Mexico, the Northwest District has sent several Work and Witness teams. In January, a W&W team combined medical and construction work. They were able to deliver much-needed items such as medicines, eye glasses, CPR manikins, an AED (heart defibrillator) or provide money for purchase of said items.


In July, a Work & Witness team utilized the foam block method of construction. A few pictures from that trip are posted to the right. To see more, click here. To learn more about that trip, read Chris Clemons' recap.  


We responded to the crisis in Mexico by helping restore buildings and heal lives, and now, missionaries and church leaders are requesting we shift our focus toward areas that can assist them do ministry such as educating and training pastors; a transition we followed in South Asia. Part of this discussion is the future construction of seminary housing on recently purchased land.


We are also in a conversation with the Oaxaca district about us hosting a Work and Witness team from their district in 2020. There is a desire on our part to deepen the relationship between cultures and districts through cooperative ministry. We believe that a project or projects involving our Hispanic churches will benefit both districts, allowing us to further utilize our combined gifts in areas that neither could do on our own. We share their excitement about this possibility.

New sanctuary built on ground cleared from earthquake debris by W&W team in June 2018

Video Library

Northwest District offers several training events throughout the year for pastors and laity. 


Many of these can be viewed on our youtube channel. Stories are added throughout the year. Click here to see what's available.

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