A network of ministries caring and connecting to inspire, equip, and resource local churches 

Nazarene Compassionate Alliance Northwest joins together and promotes existing programs of compassionate ministry to form a network that enlarges and improves the Christian response to human need. They focus on emergency preparedness, child protection, ministry to foreign born, holistic healing and special needs. 


NCA does not exist to add something else for the church to do, but to help the church be and do what God intends by being a catalyst in the discipleship process where people want to give themselves away -- to BE Christ-like disciples in our homes, neighborhoods and communities.

When we being the journey to know and accept Jesus Christ, we take upon ourselves His name. We become a part of the Body of Christ and are called to become His hands and feet in the world. We change culture when we show up, when we are present. We are transformed by showing up. We become disciples and followers of Jesus Christ through the experience of serving others, we are transformed through the experience of seeing others as God sees them, hearing them as God hears them and doing as He would do if He were present.

The more we serve others, the more we come to know Him and understand His great love for us and for humanity. The Church of the Nazarene is founded on the principles of Christian service and seeking justice. Compassionate ministries is not an auxiliary of the Church, it is the lifeblood, the living breathing embodiment of Christ-like disciples to be seen and experienced in all aspects of the Church. 

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Northwest District offers several training events throughout the year for pastors and laity. 


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