It is our goal as a District NYI council to offer encouragement, training, and programming to our churches. Every church on Northwest District should be prepared to care for the students entrusted to them and learn how to better reach out to the youth of their area.

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Billy Buisman, President, NW District NYI


​It is our goal to raise up and disciple ministers to meet the cultural needs of our district.

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Herminia Esqueda, Multi-Cultural Coordinator


It is our mission, as the Body of Christ, to mobilize the church through prayer, education, giving and interactive experiences. The Church of the Nazarene currently supports over 800 missionaries in 162 countries of the world. Stay connected with the District NMI by following us on Facebook at Northwest District NMI.

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Chris Clemons, President, Northwest District NMI


We take Discipleship seriously on the Northwest District. It is important for our people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible study, prayer, and accountability. We also believe that interacting through camps and retreats is a significant way to grow. It is our goal to provide camps and retreats for all ages of our Northwest District family. Our goal is also to equip our churches and provide training and expertise to enable them to make Christlike disciples.

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Jim Clifton, Chair, District Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries