• District Reports will be completed through your District Toolbox account at app.nwdistrict.org. If you have questions about the District Toolbox, contact Joy at office@nwdistrict.org. 

    • Lead Pastor Report: This report will become your church page in the delegate handbook. Questions include lifelong learning hours and basic statistical information. We also ask you to write a testimony of God’s work in your church (200-400 words). You may also submit a video report via dropbox, no longer than 2 minutes. Video reports will be shown at District Assembly.

    • Church Directory Form: Input contact information for the church, lead pastor, any pastoral staff, church board secretary, church treasurer, and other church officer positions (NMI President, NYI President, Children's Ministry Director, etc.).

    • Certificate of Election: List your delegates elected to participate in District Assembly. This information will be used to email balloting information to your delegates. Please double-check email addresses to make sure they are typed correctly.

    • Memorial Roll: List any deceased church members from the past year (March 2021-February 2022).

    • Local NMI President Report: This report includes the local NMI President's report as well as delegates to NMI Convention. Please double-check email addresses to make sure they are typed correctly.

    • Request for Continuing Staff: If you have pastoral staff, complete this form for annual approval. This form does NOT refer to non-pastoral staff like secretaries and janitors.

Please complete all these reports by March 15.


Annual Report of Ordained or Licensed Minister (for those not serving in a lead pastor role)

Annual Report of Retired Minister