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  • Peter Goy Tharjiath, a pioneer for the Church of the Nazarene in South Sudan, passed away September 13 after battling tuberculosis. Peter, 45, lived in a refugee camp, where he started a Church of the Nazarene and taught about the doctrine of holiness and the love, peace, and hope found only in Jesus.
  • For the past four and a half years, Pastor Civil Autoaissains, his wife, two children, and grandchildren lived in a single room. Prayers were answered in August when a group from Bethel Church of the Nazarene in Yakima, Washington, USA, came to Haiti to build the family a house. (Video, slideshow)
  • JoAnn Bastien struggled with depression, was weighed down by guilt, and became suicidal. After some time, not knowing where else to turn, she decided to "give this God thing a try." (via Evangelism Ministries Newsletter)

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Reflecting God

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